Saturday, January 31, 2009

Global Awareness Campaign - Join It!

Well, the lesson learned today is that you never know what's in store for ya!
Even more so, you never know when you'll become the next spokesperson for a worthy and noble campaign!

Today started out as just another extraordinary day...I got up, and started my day with something completely different to how I started the day yesterday. For example, yesterday I woke up, and spent about half an hour updating a scrapbook I started sometime last year, but never get time to get up-to-date. Today I opted for extra exercise. Very different.

So I'm sitting, checking e-mails, doing some mail outs, rocking out to some Mozart, and by some crazy chance by the time it's 8pm, I end up being the 'face' for the Global Awareness Campaign mail out of the day.

Check this

Funny isn't it - the power of the internet. People all over the world connected today to make a finished product to market and advertise a worthy cause. How awesome is that?!

It truly is an amazing campaign, I must say.
Pett Corby really deserves alot of credit.
Check out her website here to see what she's doing, and to support her cause.
It is 100% something I believe in, because her mission is based around the fact that as humans, we should have the freedom to choose when we become parents.
This means in the ideal world, there will be no reason for abortions and girls especially will be making smarter choices in terms of drug-free contraception that works!!

It is an important issue that was bound to be raised in the 21st century. I for one have grown up in a household where things such as the pill were not accepted as a smart, or safe 'option'. Watching my friends and their reactions to the pill, there has been numerous times when I truly felt grateful and happy for knowing my Mum was right once again!

Mum does know best!

Keep happy, keep safe, keep smart!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Back in Welly-town

So I have been away but with good reason....
My looovely boyfriend Fernando decided to pop by all the way from Brisbane, so I spent most of last week and this week with him. We didn't sleep on the last Monday-Tuesday night, which resulted in driving around for the sake of driving around so we wouldn't fall asleep. His plane back to Brisbane was at 7am, and mine was at 9am to Blenheim.

We survived. Mum joined me on my journey to Blenheim. She is the co-publisher, so should be 'in the loop'.
We flew in, and got picked up by Kate - the Her Business Network Co-Ordinator. Maaaan is she amazing!!!!
She took care of us, and organized accommodation and transport and everything...lovely lovely woman. That's her and I standing in the picture below:

Tuesday night was the Blenheim Her Business Network meeting where I was guest speaker.
It was the best speech ever. I had a couple of hours sleep beforehand, but I was still calm enough to speak in a slower manner than I usually do when I just want to spit out every idea in my head at the given second because I know my head will keep filling up with thoughts so I have to say them fast.....Yes.

The feedback was awesome, and the ladies stayed on for dinner. The place we were staying at - Marlborough Vintners Hotels is absolutely amazing. Both at night and day. The hotel, and actually, the city in general, I must say I absolutely fell in love with. It has the serene peaceful feel that I wouldn't mind immersing into for a couple of months a year to just write.

The next day after morning hustle and bustle, we visited the local library (who had my book), the Paper Plus, the newspaper (to pick up the paper with this article :D ) and were off on our way to Nelson.

We arrived a couple of hours before the evening was to start. Once again, Nelson is a lovely quiet little place, and as Kate pointed out, it has the beautiful flower baskets hanging from the roofs, decorating the main street.

Once again, the speech went fantastic.

And then we all got hungry.
The local 'it' place to eat at is Cafe Laffare...apparently. Pop in there at some point because they have the weirdest stuff....guns on the walls, staff wearing nothing but black, and when you order food, they bring it to you raw on a sizzling hot piece of rock which in turn you must use as a stove to cook your food on. Interesting....

We stayed at an absolutely lovely lady's house - she owns properties that she sells and rents off - family business, but a very good one...she's converted me to do this when I'm older. The thing is I've always known about Property Investment, and my parents did it with us as a family, but I guess I never got into the big numbers and possibilities of it as much as I did that night driving in the orange car with this lady telling me all about it....

The house was awesome.
To point out two of my favourite things in it, apart from the fact that it was HUGE, it also had a boombox.....

and huge giraffes:

Is that sweet or what?!!

The next morning at 7am Mum and I graced the local BNI Chapter, after which we both had back-to-back meetings, up until the time we had to run off at 2pm to catch our flight!

And if anyone's been to Nelson airport, it is THE cutest thing I have EVER seen....apart from my brother....


Saturday, January 17, 2009

This isn't the Ego Talking...

Reading my own book has been on my To-Do list since mid 2008.

I must admit, shamelessly, that the last time I read it was the final edit on A4 paper, a week before it went to print in December 2007.
Still haven't read the finished-finished printed product.
I have been procrastinating this job for a while.
I'm a perfectionist at times.
If my end-work shows any sign of flaw, I WILL set off a nuclear bomb inside of me, filled with regret, depression, and negativity.
Not to feel like I'm not good enough for the rest of my life, but it is because at any point I can go back to past work, and even if it felt like 110% right back then, now, it may feel like 70%. And 70% is 40% off what it needs to be.

Tis the way it is.

But guess what.
Today - out of all the busy days, I actually sat down to read it.
Amazing isn't it.
Jokes aside though, I'm about halfway through it.
I actually laughed in some parts. How crazy.
And yes, the dreaded happened - I found a couple of places that would now need changing, but hey I was 16 when I wrote it, 17 when it was last edited, and now 18, I still strongly agree with everything. I don't think I took too wrong of a path.

Actually about 15 minutes ago, my friend came round to drop off some books he borrowed off me.
Needless to say you can imagine his reaction when he saw me sitting on my bed, cracking up while I was reading this book with my name on it.

There's one part that got us both laughing...just because we're at a loss where my train of thought was when I wrote this (actually a similar situation happened, so there)...

So I'm talking about how saying 'No' to the little things will mean it's an automatic 'No' for the bigger things, etc. And I'm talking about what if there was a real cool gig happening 3 hours away, your teenager wanted to go to it, and they remember last time they asked you to drve them to the mall, and you said 'NO!', so this is how they'd find transport with their friends to this gig.....

This means your teenager and their friends may go to the extremes and somehow find their mate's girlfriend's heroin addict dad who doesn't have a driver's license to drive them there.

Hey man, it happens in real life alright....
If you wanna read more, or make sure it's really in the book, check it on page 17.

Click the photo below and get the book - it's REALLY good.
And ask my friends - I wouldn't say this if I didn't believe it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How To Get What You Need and Want

So it's all decided...I'm going on TV.
TV1 to be exact.

It's gunna be awesome.

Two things to teach you children:

Great things happen when you don't even think about it.
Ask for what you need.

That's it.
You are educated to go into the world when you know that.

Fly Pretties.

Fernando, I love you. x

So I'm still lining up Her Business Network speeches around the country. Also gotta practice for them. And I'll be going to Waiheke Island when I'm up in Auckland start of February to see wonderful people! So excited! I love that island!
For today, must contact media in towns I'm scheduled to be speaking at.
Also, send off books I packed yesterday.
Contact more people to help with my one million mission.

Sweet as a cupcake!

Let's get started!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The big small world!

I swear the world is tiny when you think about it, and huge when you don't notice it!

I was at the shopping mall today, and in a matter of half a minute of going in, I lost my brother. How can that happen?!

On the other hand, I JUST got an e-mail. And this is the THIRD e-mail like this I've received since Thursday. It started off with
'Hi Eva-Maria, etc etc etc. Also by the way, I think it would be awesome if you connected with blah blah blah.'

And this blah blah blah is for the third time another person I personally know!! And this particular person he referred today lives in a different country too!!

Whatta way to start the evening eh.

Totally stoked about TV1 contacting me though because apparently they 'heard I am touring New Zealand in February-March, so they wanted to catch me on their show'.

So so exciting!!
Getting ready for the Her Business Network Speeches. Keep an eye out on my site, because we're going to be putting up a whole lot of dates of when and where I'll be!

I'm listening to a Russian song, the focus of which is brunette and blonde chicks.
Just realized.

Just the daily piece of random news for ya.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

CC, PC and ACC

I'm gunna make this quick...
So I just got off my second conference call today.
LOVE business through technology.

You know the funny thing though?
We live in a world where technology dictates our every day lives, yet it'll still take about 17 minutes for a group of 5 people to get all their internet connections more or less to get working together.
OK, so we're past the first danger.
Secondly, something will go wrong. A presentation won't open, someone's computer will crash (great timing, right?), or someone's girlfriend will call in a jealous rage. It can all happen, right.
You will personally disconnect on average about twice. Consider it the norm in our complex age.

Technology eh...can't live with it, can't live without it.

So I got this e-mail today from a friend...

Ch-ch-check it owwt.

Seriously some cool stuff in there. Basically comparing online relationships to real life relationships.
Very true...because as they point out, online is all about consistency - you gotta keep your image, message, etc etc the same. Because once you change it, people get confused, uninterested, and BANG you end up with less contacts.
Real life is much easier (maybe that's why contradictory me likes it so much).
You can like this person one day and that person the next.
You can have a friend fall out, and then be back on tomorrow.
You can change jobs, and your friends will get it.
You can change your political views a complete 360, and your friends will understand and keep up.
You can go get plastic surgery, and the people you know will still know it's you.
Haha good luck trying to change your photo online after plastic surgery. People will think the person in the photo hacked into your account, and delete you as a friend. What a tragedy!

Actually, it's also funny how we dictate how many friends we have by 'numbers' on our profiles. In real lifem you see a good friend, and mentally you know 'They're my good friend'. Online - completely different game, ma man.
Gotta keep up cuz you snooze, you lose.
There ain't no other place out there where that saying it more true.

So technology...can't live with it, can't live without it.

And also another thing....Why is it that every time I sing out of my hotmail account, ever since yesterday, the redirected page keeps coming up with the same headline and photo: "Breaking News: Teenager claims McDonald's burger infested with maggots".
Hell if that's breaking news, then call me Tomato!
That's SO disgusting! I don't wanna see that!!!!
No wait...I get it...I should be a bit more sensitive to the subject...I mean, in the meantime while no one's bombing any peaceful countries, the media gotta make something juicy outta nothing, right?
We call the people powering this: ACC
Croutons (they're the dry crusty media who have contributed to farming and grooming entire generations of people who believe as humans they're mentally 'attracted' to disgusting news and gossip).

Either way, I'm grateful for this beautiful world we live in.
The Earth is still revolving around its invisible little stick, and it's consistently night and day, which means it won't be stopping any time soon, so I'm glad.

Love, Peace and Respect

Go Green, Man!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Coming of Age

So at 1am this morning, we flew into good old Wellington.
Let me tell you it was one amazing trip to Brisbane.

We left on the morning of the 26th December. I didn't sleep the two nights before, hence the photo.

This is what people look like when they've been awake almost 72 hours straight (a 2 hour nap on Christmas day morning doesn't count).
The over 3 hour flight consisted of speech practicing and a small sleep time.

Woodford Folk Festival is about 1.5 hours car drive from Brisbane. The heat and humidity was unbelieveable for Mum and I who are almost used to the cold Wellington weather. We started buying water. Just in case dehydration was hiding around the corner.

There were just under 20 speakers like me who got invited to come talk and run workshops for the biggest festival in Australia which alone attracted 3,000+ performers. That's only the performers, not taking into account maintenance workers, drivers, people with stalls, and most of all, visitors. The grounds cover 340 acres of land...or some rediculous number like that. It's crazy!

Here you can see the speaker's tents:

Let me tell you. Our first class tents were amazing. I can tell you that much. I didn't mind the camping part of the trip as much because the crazy school camps are still fresh in my mind as if it were yesterday. To be honest, I was amazed at the amount of room in the two person tent we got. Of course, it was wonderful because we didn't exactly pack light...I can swear to you I have NO idea how that happened...stuff does pile up though don't it.

Hiding in an air conditioned hotel room wasn't an option at this place, so if you got too hot, you could go stew in the tent, or walk around under the sun. If we look at it logically, it would have been worse if it rained. I'd rather die from drowning in my sweat, rather than from pneumonia.
However that's open to individual opinion.

We would keep waking up early. A three hour difference is actually HEAPS when you experience it.

The first couple of days we got everything together - scoped the place out and all that jazz.

We finally found where I was doing my speech on the 30th - it was the Blues and Roots Venue.

And this was the sign for all the speakers (I'm the second one from the top left).
Some pretty awesome people that come to this Festival.

Look - I found a 'Shut Up!' Caravan!

Te festival was amazing.
Met some very interesting people, spent some time with Mum outside of home. It was so good. Although I did have minimum internet and cell phone access, I wasn't using then every day. It was liberating to say the least.
At places like these, what you're presenting really needs to be in synch with the mentality of the people that come to it. You gotta take into account - people that will come to it - are they looking to listen to a whole bunch of scientific facts and research, or have things spelled out? Do they mind moving around with hands-on activities, or would they rather have discussions.
Very very important.

Also, gotta start doing some things...gunna start a sustainability teenage movement this year as well. I have absolutely NO idea how to help the Earth. Being at Woodford though has opened my eyes to a lot of the politics surrounding the economic crisis and global warming, and such issues. The thing is there isn't any more time for Al Gore to come up with another movie about how the world's dying out. There's no more time for businessmen in suits to sit around 'brainstorming' and making plans.
It's time to step up, and do something - do anything, because plans for the past 30 years haven't resulted in radical change for the environment. And all I'm thinking, if action is all that's needed, why can't it be teenagers taking initiative?

All in all, the workshops and speech went wonderfully. Very happy about it, and the book sales over there as well. I think we almost sold everything we sent through.
This trip has definitely made me grow up even more mentally.
I'm an international speaker, since we flew in back to NZ, 15 books have been ordered through the website by people primarily in Australia.
Got time with Mum to learn more from her.
Thanks to the heat, I got to relax for almost a week. Much needed - I feel more energized for this year ahead!

Also I got back one of the most important people to me.

It was a successful trip to say the least.


All the very very very best!