Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Aaaaand so the trip to Blenheim started off on an absolutely amazing day...
Wellington was in all its glory and wind and rain, which even made the stewardesses flying in from all over the world in little old Wellington Airport leave their planes in a bit of a mood, but after the COOLEST plane ride (the plane inside reminded me of a big family van) with the bumps in any turbulence and skies that made you feel like you were in an unknown land with blizzards around you, we set down in sunny Blenheim.

For some reason all day people were saying how windy it was.
I didn't notice.
Wellington would refer to THAT sort of weather as a 'slight breeze' I imagine.
The sun was shining, and town welcomed me with it's coffee (I think Blenheim has the best coffee I've ever had...and I have spent a lot of time in cafes for a whole variety of reasons).

Highlights of the trip:

Blenheim Palms: Base Camp for the Night

Wither Hills Vineyards....beeeautiful place! Must be even more amazing than it was on a nice hot summer's day!

Project K Mentors Evening Workshop.
The workshop went A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
The evening consisted of a workshop for mentors and students to get a better relationship with each other, and better ways to achieve this through things like TXTing, building rapport, wheel of life, and visualization.
Check out Project K - great place to get involved in!

Awesome Trip!
Go go Blenheim!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Long Time, No See!

I've been slack, and yes, I'll admit it.
I love my dearest blog, but you know throughout the past year, big businessmen in expensive suits who are all so "amazed at how I'm achieving such big things at such a young age" have all on some occasion mentioned the word 'Twitter'.

Now, as the world keeps silently spinning, Twitter has actually made it quite big over the few months it's existed. It's become (apparently) the 'it' thing of celebrities all over the world, going as far as Ashton Kutcher taking photos of Demi Moore ironing or something (I'm embarassed to say I had nothing else to read on the plane than the magazines in the front pocket....) and posting them up on Twitter. I'm sure you could find your favourite business entrepreneurs (or maybe their assistants write the stuff for them...), Shortland Street Stars, Musicians - almost everyone on there!

So now, the usual things I'd save for blogs, might make it onto my Twitter the second they happen. The immediate update is the niche for this little birdie. Oww yeah. I must say, this function of 'waht you're doing' was always available on Facebook and Bebo and whatnot, and I never took much notice of it - why do you need to update the whole world about what kind of cookie you're eating when you can comment people that really need to know about it?

Anyway, if you still don't know what I'm on about...go here, start your own Tweet-thing, and follow me too!

And now I actually promise to put in a bit more effort into my blogging from now on.