Saturday, February 14, 2009

Auckland and Schizz

So after about a billion years, I decide to update my blog.

No, no. Don't worry. I haven't forgotten about it....I'm in the middle of setting up a blog on my site....but it's proving hard due to the fact that they don't really teach you how to make websites when you're born so you have to learn everything as you go through life...maaan...wouldn't it be cool if we had little chips to install in our brains and then we'd know everything we needed.

Last week my uncle came all the way from the Mother Land. Sweet. He's in love with the Haka already. My brother-in-law and niece danced it for him a couple of days ago. He LOVED it. Says he'll dance it for his colleagues when he goes back to work in a month.

The trip to Auckland went wonderfully.
I was on the Breakfast Show on Monday morning where I met the resident Chiropractor (photo below). Awesome.
Spoke at a school and rotary, met with CanTeen, and spent half a day almost at the lovely Waiheke Island. I love it there, because even if the weather's yuck, the people make up for it big time. Someone's always eager to see you and meet you and take photos with you.

Thursday was an exciting day. I'm part of a regular youth panel on the Good Morning show. We talked about boy racers this week. All the presenters are the loveliest people you'll ever meet. Glad I get to spend all my waiting around time with them. Seriously. You know when you're with boring silly people, and you think 'I can't believe I have to spend every blah blah night with them for the rest of the year'. Yeah well these people aren't like that. Owww. It's pretty sweet - everyone's family there.

Keep a lookout....the Good Morning Show every Thursday at 10.15am. Be there or be square. And in all honesty, who really wants to be a square? I'd love to be a circle, personally. Roll around as much as you want, and no one says anything!


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Art of War & Power of Persuasion

Apart from the last days' super secret squirrel agendas and meeting I've been having, I must say the week started off and ended (seeing as tomorrow is Waitangi Day) very very productively indeed.

First off, today, I learned that people assume they get holidays. Today, after calling around pharmacies to see if anyone is open on Waitangi Day, getting back to the first guy I called, I asked if I could get what I needed somewhere else. He proceeded to go and consult with his supervisor.
The result?
They actually ARE open during regular business hours tomorrow.
So don't assume, even if the employees do.

Also, I witnessed a rather distressed Mum who tried to shove her daughter into the doors of the library, after the approximately 6 year old kid clearly showed her wish to leave her scooter outside (because of the 'no scooter' sign on the doors). Instead of an acknowledgment of her daughter's:
a) reading abilities
b) her obedience of law (i.e. no scooters, means no scooters as far as a kid's concerned)
c) her complete trust in the fact that the people outside won't touch her precious scooter

The literal 'shoving' into the library kinda got me. If this was a teenager, I'm sure this situation would end up badly for all in a 20 metre radius. So does talking not work with people? If this was her partner, would that woman be trying to shove him into the library doors and get some obedience?
"Darling, if you leave the scooter outside, someone might take it and your name and phone number isn't even written on it. And they only put the sign on the door so people don't scooter around the library and knock all the books over."....could have been one scenario.
Could have.
A billion other less physical ways could have taken place. Because, next time, that little girl won't want to go to the library with her scooter. So she will walk. And because she's little, she'll walk slower than she would have otherwise been riding on her scooter. The Mum will probably tell her off for walking too slow next time.
Where does this end?!?!

So anyway, to finish off my latest news update, at the moment I'm reading 'The Art of War' by Sun Tzu. I've been actually meaning to read this since I was 12, but hey, better late than never, right?
Although the book is about ancient military tactics, the wisdom in this book is still valid even today - hey, all's fair in love and war!

Ciao Cacao!

Sunday, February 1, 2009